Lou Bunk Composer



Study for Bowed Cardboard

for scratch-o-lin and live electronics (2011)

score | mp3


Program Notes:

This study explores the sonic and expressive potential of bowed cardboard. It is performed on a scratch-o-lin (homemade instrument pictured above) accompanied by live electronics generated using Max/MSP.

Three short samples of the scratch-o-lin are granulated using Max/MSP. The grains range from about 5 ms to 1 second in length, and remain unprocessed outside of being cut, spliced and re-arranged. In performance, I step through 25 cues, each altering the graining algorithm (in Max/MSP), which then produces the electronics part. The algorithm is stochastic in nature so that a unique electronics part is created for each performance.

All performance material avaialble without fee upon request by emailing me (below)

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