Lou Bunk Composer

Star of Love

“Star of Love”, by Steven Kveton and Lou Bunk, is an opera written specifically for young audiences (about ages 6-12). The music and story evoke the style of 18th and 19th century opera while remaining accessible to children.

The story and music of “Star of Love” will be used to create a picture-storybook with an accompanying CD/download of the music. The picture-story book will present the opera as a radio broadcast from a fictitious opera house in Italy.  


Six demo recordings:

1. Overture: a short musical introduction expressing loneliness and love.  

2. Lorenzo the wandering musicians enters playing a hurdy-gurdy and singing “one coin, one song”.

3. Vina the vine tender asks Lorenzo to play a song about love.

4. Ah-Choo Chorus: After Biscotti the baker enters, all the tassels and wool on his clothing make everyone sneeze.

5. Bella Spaghetti enters and Lorenzo falls in love with her at first sight.

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