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Recent Compositions

A Shadow on the White
for two pianos (2014)
| score | mp3

I wrote this composition thinking about the drama of subtle and abrupt contrast; listening to the hushed sound of my neighborhood during a heavy snowfall, against its noisy yet static appearance; comparing the uncertainty of memory, against the vivid emotion of recalling; staring at my plain off-white wall long enough to see past its visual banality to a chiaroscuro like beauty in the shadows on the white.

This composition is written for pianists Marilyn Nonken and Augustus Arnone.

for mixed ensemble (2014)
| score | mp3

My composition “Fortune” is a reconstruction of melodic material from Machaut’s Motet “Ha Fortune”. Using six melodic fragments from Machaut, I create new textures and harmonies while blending in noise and microtones. The instruments are often working together to create a group sound.  Though occasionally, and with little ambiguity, certain instruments are featured.  

Three text phrases are borrowed from the Machaut, each being the first sung words in the three‐part original:  “Ha! Fortune”, “Qui es promesses” (who trusts in the promises), “Et non est qui adjuvat” (and there is no one who helps). I decided to have the players sing this text at key moments, as its meaning inspired the emotional drive of the composition. Through the music, I explore the idea of being powerless over unexpected events, and how the beautiful can be destroyed by ugly and scary circumstance, and yet in the end, seemingly out of nowhere, good fortune may arise.   

Cut (Feat K.Kirchoff)
for fixed electronics (2013)
| mp3

I wrote twelve short segments of music for toy pianist Keith Kirchoff to record for this project. These segments included numerous approaches to structured improvisation: pitches in boxes, graphic scores, proportional rhythms, etc. With these recordings as source material, I composed using Musique concrète techniques. 

The process of cutting destabilizes continuity, while its prevalence creates a field of mistakes, and from this, form

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