Lou Bunk Composer




for two violins (2015)

score| mp3

Artist Statement:

Silence and return attain meaning through conditions. A silence in the middle of a phrase is unlike a silence setup by a slow decrescendo, or a silence between movements, or a silence in an empty field, with the moon. The return of musical material, across gestures or longer spans, is shaped by the currently active rush of energy and purpose, perhaps creating a nostalgia for what was, but more importantly showing change and forward motion. In this piece, I question and veil the effects of silence and return through interruption, juxtaposition, disruption, and sometimes messy predicaments on a field of play that (at times) paradoxically attempts to prioritize an uncomplicated narrative. Polyphony and monophony are entangled as the two violins often merge to create a single voice, yet what they play is synchronously similar and different from each other. A stereophonic field created by the antiphonal placement of the violins makes vivid this sonic contradiction.

I began work on this composition in June of 2013, stopped twice along the way, and finishing in October 2015. Somehow, I spent 492 hours writing the music.

“Field” is dedicated to String Noise, who asked me to write them a new piece (and was very patient as I finished), and to my twins Ellie and Eli, who were born while I was writing it.

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