Lou Bunk Composer




for scratch-o-lin and Styrofoam chamber orchestra (2016)


Artist Statement:

“In 1941, researchers in Dow's Chemical Physics Lab found a way to make foamed polystyrene. Composed of 98% air, making it lightweight and buoyant, Styrofoam has since found a variety of uses.” -Wikipedia contributors, 11/2016


In “Concertino”, I use a familiar soloist-ensemble pairing to explore the sonically rich and expressive potential of bowed Styrofoam and cardboard. The musicians are situated antiphonally, using space to draw out the induvial voices of each instrument, giving the textural nature of the music a vividness and clarity of line. The Scratch-o-lin soloist is centrally located and featured, yet the playing is often subdued. “Concertino” is dedicated to Matt Scutchfield who invited me to write it for the Society of Composers, Berklee. They are the brave, and the first, Styrofoam chamber orchestra. –Lou Bunk

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