Lou Bunk Composer


Lou Bunk (b. 1972) is an American composer and improviser inspired by many forms of experimental artistic expression. Educated in classical composition, and deeply influenced by the vibrant electro-acoustic improv scene in and around Boston and New York, Louís music occupies a space between and among concert halls and fringe performance galleries. His sonically rich and intricate music investigates sound and silence through extended instrumental techniques, microtones, amplified found objects, electronics, and generative approaches to texture and form.

In his home town Somerville Massachusetts, Lou produces the concert series Opensound, and has chaired the Somerville Arts Council. He co-directs Collide-O-Scope Music, a New York City based new music ensemble, and is Associate Professor of Music at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire where he teaches electronic music and composition. Lou received A PhD in Music Composition and Theory from Brandeis University





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