Lou Bunk Composer



Being and Becoming

for guitar, sine waves, MAX/MSP and one speaker

score| mp3 full| mp3 mm92-109

Program Notes:

Chick: Our way of organizing the data which rushes by in gestalt style -that is, in increasingly abstract forms –speeds up experience into a dangerously topsy-turvy fast forward comedy. Our need for rapid disposal eliminates the details that bewitch, hold or delay children. Art is one rescue from this chaotic acceleration. Meter in poetry, tempo in music, form and color in painting. But we do feel that we are speeding earthward, crashing into our graves.

Socrates. And a thing is not seen because it is visible, but conversely, visible because it is seen; nor is a thing led because it is in the state of being led, or carried because it is in the state of being carried, but the converse of this... It does not become because it is becoming, but it is in a state of becoming because it becomes.

Cooper: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! [sips, sighs blissfully] This is-- excuse me--a DAMN fine cup of coffee.

I have written eight iterations of "Being and Becoming", each unique in instrumentation and content. The music generally progresses from simple to complex, by way of a slowly evolving musical cell, focusing the listener more and more on micro-variations of timbre, pitch, rhythm, etc.

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