Lou Bunk Composer



All the Things

for violin and piano (2016)

score| mp3

Artist Statement:

Inspiration is hard to trace. I don’t know how much influence Milton Babbitt’s music has had on my own, yet I have been, and continue to be deeply moved by the near psychedelic worlds he created. “All the Things” is an homage to Babbitt’s unique creativity on the occasion of his centennial. I have used elements of his generative serialism, particularly the rows and hexachords found in “Sextets” for violin and piano (1966). Babbitt also had an interest in standards from the American Songbook. In 1985, he wrote an essay that gives a brief analysis of the tune in “All the Things You Are” by Jerome Kern.

My composition attempts to collide, unite, confuse and fuse these equally beautiful works of Babbitt and Kern in a way where neither seems present, but both are somehow hidden in the long gone scaffolding.

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